South African Lobster

Palinurus gilchristi is a true cold water, spiny lobster species and is commonly known as SOUTH COAST LOBSTER or SOUTH AFRICAN LOBSTER in the US markets.

It is predominantly sold as frozen raw tails to the US market, however more recently it has been produced as Whole frozen.

The fishery is strictly managed by the South African Government under an annual quota system.

South Coast Lobster is almost exclusively processed, frozen and packed at sea for which it’s reputation for high quality is well known.

100% of South Coast Lobster is Wild Caught.

lobster-profile SA-Heads SA-Lobster-Head-Soup SA-Raw-Heads South-Coast-Whole-Raw-(pic1) South-Coast-Whole-Raw Split-South-Coast-Lobster


Catch Details:

  • Quota Managed Fishery, HACCP, EU Registered
  • Trap Caught only
  • Quick frozen at sea


Whole Raw (FROZEN), 10kg (22lb) Master

  • 150/200, 200/250, 250/300, 300/350, 350/400, 400/450

Raw Tails (FROZEN), 4.54kg (10lb) Master

  • 3oz thru 20/24oz+

Raw Heads (FROZEN), 8kg or 12kg Master

  • U/170, 170/200, 200/250, 250/300, 300/350, 350g+