Western Rock Lobster

The largest commercial lobster fishery in Australia is for the Western Rock Lobster (Panulirus cygnus), caught only on the western coast.

Closely resembling the Japanese Lobster (P. japonicus), the Western Rock Lobster which was once the largest whole frozen production of all spiny lobster species is now produced almost entirely as Live for the Chinese market.

The Quota fishery runs over the full 12 months each year and currently totals around 6000mt, although historically has averaged annually over 10,000mt.

The Western Rock Lobster was the first fishery in the world to be officially accredited by MSC (Marine Stewardship Council).

100% of Western Rock Lobsters exported by Wild Oceans are Wild Caught.


Lobster Tail ctn Live-WA-Lobster Cooked-WA-Lobster2Whole Boiled West Australian Lobster2 Western-Rock-Lobster-Tail

Catch Details:

  • Limited Entry Fishery, Individual Quota Issued,

  • MSC Certified Fishery

  • Trap Caught only


Whole Raw (FROZEN), 10kg (22lb) Master

  • 400/460, 460/575, 575/690, 690/785, 785/900, 900/1200

Whole Cooked (FROZEN), 10kg (22lb) Master

  • 400/460, 460/575, 575/690, 690/785, 785/900, 900/1200

Raw Tails (FROZEN), 4.54kg (10lb) Master

  • 5/6oz thru 20/24oz+

Raw Heads (FROZEN), 10kg (22lb) Master