Atlantic Lobster

The largest production of all lobsters of any type is the clawed, Atlantic Lobster (Homarus americanus) from the Atlantic coast of North America.

Lobsters are caught by baited trap and delivered alive to the plants daily for frozen production.

During May and June, hard shelled & full meats (spring lobsters) is targeted for export production and are sought after favourites by European, US and Asian markets.

Captain Dan’s Seafood operates 2 facilities in the New Brunswick region and with state of the art production capacity.

Since it’s humble beginnings in a small family-owned plant on the Pointe-du-Chêne Wharf in Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada, it has grown today to more than 200 employees working year-round in a large modern facility in Cap-Lumière, New Brunswick.

The managed fisheries of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are strictly regulated and are currently undergoing MSC Certification, along with the Snow Crab fishery which has already gained certification some years earlier. Limits exist in the number of licences, traps, length of fishing seasons, number of fishing days, total allowable catch quotas, lobster carapace size restrictions, etc.

100% of Captain Dan’s Atlantic Lobster is Wild Caught.

Captain Dans Processing Lobster Tail Dish Lobster Tails Production Lobster Tails Ready for Packing Raw Canadian Lobster Tails (Packed) Whole Cooked & Netted (10lb)

Catch Details:

  • Limited Entry Fishing
  • Currently undergoing MSC certification
  • Trap Caught only


Whole Cooked & Netted (FROZEN), 4.54kg (10lb) Master

  • 250/300, 300/350, 350/400, 400/450, 450/500, 500/600, 600/700, 700/900

Raw Tails (FROZEN), 4.54kg (10lb) Master

  • 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9oz+

Cooked Meat (FROZEN)

  • CK, CKL

Raw Heads (FROZEN), 9.08kg (20lb) Master