Atlantic Golden Crab

Atlantic Golden Crabs (South Atlantic) – Chaceon maritae

Deep Sea Atlantic Golden crab meat has a firm texture with a red membrane. It has a succulent white flesh with a distinctive sweet taste.

Golden crabs (Chaceon species) are a favourite by chefs around the world and are especially prized by Asian markets. The shells are relatively thin giving the crab a high meat to shell ratio and making it a flexible item for many menu options.

They are generally sold LIVE into Asia, however are also produced in the more economical frozen ‘cluster’ form for Western markets.

Unlike other crabs, the shell of the deep sea golden crabs does not change colour after cooking. Although they naturally exhibit splashes of orange & red, they may range from pure white, to golden & bright red in their natural live state. Depending on their shell colour, they may be sold commercially as Golden Crabs, Red Crabs or even Crystal Crabs.

Deep Sea Golden crabs commonly exhibit dark brush marks where their shells have been scratched. This should not be mistaken for blackspot/melanosis as it has nothing to do with the flesh or freshness quality of the crab. In fact live tanked crabs often have the worst markings.

Baited Traps are set at 300-1000 meters depth in extremely cold waters with strict quota controls.

Production is fully completed at sea by highly specialized cooking & freezing systems, in full compliance with international Fishery commissions and regulations.

All Wild Oceans Golden Crabs are 100% Wild Caught.

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Catch Details:

  • Limited Entry & Fully Managed Quota Fishery,

  • Catch Region : South West Coast

  • HACCP, Frozen at Sea Production

  • Trap Caught only


Whole Cooked (FROZEN), 10kg net, set weight, glaze protected

  • 400/500, 500/600, 600/800, 800/1000

Cooked Cluster (FROZEN), 10kg net, set weight, glaze protected

  • 150/200, 200/250, 250/300, 300/350g+

Also available as raw