Antarctic Ice crab

Antarctic Ice Crabs (Chilean) – Paralomis granulosa

Snowland (Pesquera Torres del Paine Ltda) is the largest producer of Centollon Crabs (Ice Crabs) in southern Chile and carries one of the best known brands and quality reputations of the industry. Snowland’s largest facility is located in Puerto Williams, Cape Horn and is the southern-most processing plant in the world.

The Chilean Crab fishery is fully managed by SERNAPESCA, the governing body for all fishing activity. Capture and landings are tightly controlled under stringent environmental standards in support of environmental sustainability and species protection policies enforced by Chile’s Sernapesca organization under the Fisheries and Aquaculture Act.

Ice Crabs are caught only by artisanal fishermen with restricted catch licences, usually in combination with the larger King Crab. The taking of female crabs is strictly prohibited.

Both of Snowland’s plants operate with advanced and specialized processing & freezing equipment guaranteeing high efficiency and product safety. Snowland operates under HACCP rules and is authorized to export to the European Union and US markets amongst other certifications.

100% of Snowland’s Ice Crabs are wild caught.

Ice-Crab-225g-retail-(b) Ice-Crab-Centollon-Meat-(5lb-Combo-Pack)-top Ice-Crab-Live-Receivals Ice-Crab-Meat-Dish Ice-Crab-Processing-ii Volcano-Crab

Catch Details:

  • Limited Entry & Fully Managed Fishery,
  • Catch Region XII (Antarctic Zone)
  • Factory 1 : Puerto Williams – Navarino Island, Cape Horn
  • Factory 2 : Punta Arenas
  • HACCP, EU and CIQ Registered
  • Trap Caught only,
  • Licenced artisanal fishers only


Whole Cooked (FROZEN), 12kg net, set weight, glaze protected

Cooked Cluster (FROZEN), 12kg net, set weight, glaze protected

Cooked Meat (FROZEN), 10 x 450g net, set weight, vacuum packed block

Retail pack, Cooked meat (frozen), 6 x 5lb net, set weight, vacuum packed blocks